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- "The conditions of "the ECM reverb" were so clear".
- "The transients especially the sustain was superb".

STEREO magazine - Japan
JERN cabinets are made as a one-piece composite metal structure of proprietary material called ‘’Vibrakill‘’.
This material ensures massive stability and density, providing unsurpassed resistance to vibrations and resonance.
JERN speakers compact speaker

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JERN15 - “What a profound and present bass for such small speakers."

On the 8th and 9th october the Benelux/German distributor Daluso presented JERN at the Dutch Audio Event 2022. This year no 100.000 Euro full Reimyo/Harmonix setup. As kind of an experiment, the JERN 15 loudspeakers were playing, during an ongoing demo, in a simple setup with a 15 year old Auranote amplifier/cd-player/FM-radio all-in-one combo. Nothing special one would say. However, it was Daluso’s choice to perform a very approachable demo for demanding people who simply want to listen and enjoy music. Not for audiofools being gaspingly obsessed by Hi-Fi or High-End. The 30 square meters room was tuned with 'Harmonix Room Tuning Devices’ and electrosmog controlled by several Vortex HiFi Optimizers and some Hijiri HPC-cabling. Only (XR)CD’s were used as music software. On display were JERN 11, 12WS, 14EH and the W8, together with ISOL-8 and Vortex HiFi. The room was very modest and home-like decorated. “Daluso always want to impress by a beautiful sound, not by a beautiful presentation”. Many people felt very comfortable sitting and walking around in the room, watching and listening in a relax way. What were the attendies comments during the show: "What a sound stage" - “What a profound and present bass for such small speakers" - “Really impressive" - “Amazing” - “Very ... very musical" - "finally I am listening music at a show” - “Best I heard so far”. More than 40 people asked, “where is the subwoofer?” "You hear what you see, no sub” was Daluso’s answer. More than 80 people did an attempt in lifting a JERN 12WS and were amazed of its weight. “That's Cast Iron!”. Many surprised, pleasantly shocked, enthousiastic and happy smiling faces left the room. On Sunday, a show reporter of the British magazine ’The EAR’ moved slowly into the room. After listening a few tracks he said "what an amazing sound". Which JERN’s are playing? … I reviewed a pair of JERN speakers some time ago. This is really amazing, in such a small and simple setup.” According to Ed Doggen of Daluso both days at the Dutch Audio Event 2022, presenting JERN to the Dutch and Belgium consumer market were really very succesfull.



Ed Doggen



…the Jern 15 loudspeaker is an improvement on an already strong range…

…without subwoofers, the Jern 15 loudspeakers are hugely capable and retain their presence and razor-sharp resolution.


HiFi & Music Source

Simon Wilce



Die dänischen Kompaktlautsprecher JERN 15 verblüffen mit ungewöhnlichem Design und erstaunlichem Klang.

High End ist mit der JERN in der kleinsten Hütte möglich, und dazu ist sie auch noch unverschämt gutaussehend und perfekt verarbeitet. Die JERN 15 ist eine Alternative, die in jedes Auswahlportfolio bei der Ausstattung kleinerer Räume gehört.


Fidelity Online

Dr. Roland Schmenner



I love the Danish cast iron box small speaker JERN 15, which I have used for more than a year, and introduce its background, characteristics, sound and collocation.


Headphone Club

The experts at Headphone Club



It is a true high-end speaker in a small, and attractive, package.

A well-balanced speaker that presents a lovely neutral rendition of music.


Enjoy the

Robert Jorgensen



... be amazed by their generous layer reproduction and dynamics, and their amazing image and placement.

JERN11 - 4,5 Stars



Max Delissen




Compact Speakers

JERN speakers are cast as a one-piece iron structure which ensures massive stability and density, providing unsurpassed resistance to vibrations and resonances.

Each iron enclosure has a unique cast fingerprint and delivers utterly silent and distortion-free sound, unlike any other speaker on the market. See more here…

Wall mount

The JERN 8000 and 9000 serie is the new revolutionary range of compact on-wall
loudspeaker. The shape of the cabinet is discrete and elegant. It delivers better audio sound quality than any other on wall loudspeaker cabinets. See more here…

Passive woofers

The 514 are our newest series in passive woofers  The woofer is a bespoke very fast long-stroke 5.5″ SEAS driver. 
The cabinet is our famous one-piece full cast vibrakill cabinet – very rigid and very heavy. 
See more here…

Available in colors matching most locations

Available in Nordic Black, Fine Red, Cast Grey and Polar White.


Rubberbase for compact speaker

The JERN Rubber Base is a simple, yet clever addition to a normal speaker stand. It allows the JERN 12, 14, and 15 cabinets to tilt in the direction or angle you need.
It also reduce vibrations, so you can place the JERN loudspeakers on furniture.

Tripod for compact speaker

Our JERN Tripods comes in two kinds of wood – Oak and Walnut. It is a beautiful Scandinavian design, and the wooden legs meet in a solid cast Iron plate, which can be assembled to the JERN14 speakers with a M6 screw for a rigid hold.

Stand for compact speaker

Our JERN Speaker Stand has a 23 kg / 46 Ibs cast iron Base Foot for sublime noise damping. It is available in two versions – 95 cm / 3,11 fts and 115 cm / 3,77 fts.

Foot of stand

Our fantastic JERN Damping Plate reducing vibrations from where you want to avoid interference to the surroundings from any device – like e.g. in this case from our beloved JERN14 or any speaker or subwoofer. 

Manufacturing process

Vibrakill ©

Iron cast cabinets

JERN speakers feature iron cast cabinets which vibrate much less than aluminium, wood and mdf.