Cast Iron speakers

Big sound from small speakers

JERN cabinets are made as a one-piece composite metal structure of proprietary material called ‘’ Vibrakill ‘’.
This material ensures massive stability and density, providing unsurpassed resistance to vibrations and resonance.
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JERN speakers compact speaker

What others think?


It is a true high-end speaker in a small, and attractive, package.

A well-balanced speaker that presents a lovely neutral rendition of music.


Enjoy the

Robert Jorgensen



... be amazed by their generous layer reproduction and dynamics, and their amazing image and placement.

JERN11 - 4,5 Stars



Max Delissen



MEJOR RELACIÓN CALIDAD PRECIO - "Es increíble cómo rinden estas pequeñas cajas danesas para su tamaño


HIFI live magazine, Spain

Manuel Palomino



Coup de Coeur - These speakers look amazing in many ways. Well done


renaissens, France

Denis schwarzberg



They are my kind of speakers – fast, accurate, detailed without being harsh and they image wonderfully.

Stunning imaging and detail to mid and tops. An almost reach out and touch sense with good recordings


Hifi Pig Magazine

Stuart Smith




Compact Speakers

JERN speakers are cast as a one-piece iron structure which ensures massive stability and density, providing unsurpassed resistance to vibrations and resonances.

Each iron enclosure has a unique cast fingerprint and delivers utterly silent and distortion-free sound, unlike any other speaker on the market. See more here…

Wall mount

The JERN 8000 and 9000 serie is the new revolutionary range of compact on-wall
loudspeaker. The shape of the cabinet is discrete and elegant. It delivers better audio sound quality than any other on wall loudspeaker cabinets. See more here…

Active Subwoofers

The Foundation 500 and Foundation 1000 are our newest series in active Subwoofers whereas the number represents the size of the amplifier as a 500 Watt or 1000 Watt Pascal power amplifier. The size of the woofers are respectively 8″ and 10″ – doublet sided.  
The cabinet is our famous one-piece full cast vibrakill cabinet – very rigid and very heavy. 
Sales is open for Foundation 500. 
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Passive Subwoofers

The B514 are our newest series in passive Subwoofers  The woofer is a bespoke very fast long-stroke 5.5″ SEAS driver. 
The cabinet is our famous one-piece full cast vibrakill cabinet – very rigid and very heavy. 
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Available in colors matching most locations

Available in Nordic Black, Wiking Red, Cast Grey and Polar White.


Rubberbase for compact speaker

The JERN Rubber Base is a simple, yet clever addition to a normal speaker stand. It allows the JERN 12, 14, and 15 cabinets to tilt in the direction or angle you need.
It also reduce vibrations, so you can place the JERN loudspeakers on furniture.

Tripod for compact speaker

Our JERN Tripods comes in two kinds of wood – Oak and Walnut. It is a beautiful Scandinavian design, and the wooden legs meet in a solid cast Iron plate, which can be assembled to the JERN14 speakers with a M6 screw for a rigid hold.

Stand for compact speaker

Our JERN Speaker Stand has a 23 kg / 46 Ibs cast iron Base Foot for sublime noise damping. It is available in two versions – 95 cm / 3,11 fts and 115 cm / 3,77 fts.

Foot of stand

Our fantastic JERN Damping Plate reducing vibrations from where you want to avoid interference to the surroundings from any device – like e.g. in this case from our beloved JERN14 or any speaker or subwoofer. 

Manufacturing process

Vibrakill ©

Iron cast cabinets

JERN speakers feature iron cast cabinets which vibrate much less than aluminium, wood and mdf.