CDS Cast Dome Structure

CDS is a surface of small domes on the inside of the speaker cabinet. The cast cone surface subdue and spread standing sound waves that are the key to providing a complete acoustically neutral cabinet.

OPC One Piece Cabinet

Our OPC sand cast technology makes it possible to create the entire cabinet in one durable structure, which allows a solid mounting of the speaker unit, which contributes to a vibration free cabinet and a much longer lifespan of the speaker. 

UFS Unique Fingerprint Surface

Each of our speakers have a unique surface. It is uniquely created when the iron flows into the mould. The unique patterns are just like fingerprints which means that there are never two speakers that are exactly the same.


Finally the cabinet gets a high quality powder coating.

LRM Low resonance material

LRM is our technology flagship and one of the most important factors when it comes to reducing vibrations within the cabinet. The cabinet of JERN14 has an ability to reduce vibrations 50 times better than other conventional speaker materials.