JERN Speaker Stand

Our JERN Speaker Stand has a 23 kg / 46 Ibs cast iron Base Foot for sublime noise damping. It is available in two versions – 95 cm / 3,11 fts and 115 cm / 3,77 fts.

JERN Rubber Base

The JERN Rubber Base is a simple, yet clever addition to a normal speaker stand. It allows the JERN 12, 14, 15 and 16 cabinets to tilt in the direction or angle you need.

It also reduce vibrations, so you can place the JERN loudspeakers on furniture.

JERN Tripod

Our JERN Tripods comes in two kinds of wood – Oak and Walnut. It is a beautiful Scandinavian design, and the wooden legs meet in a solid cast Iron plate, which can be assembled to the JERN14 speakers with a M6 screw for a rigid hold.

Damping plate

Our fantastic JERN Damping Plate reducing vibrations from where you want to avoid interference to the surroundings from any device – like e.g. in this case from our beloved REL T/5i Subwoofer. The weight of the JERN Damping Plate says everything: 23 Kg / 50.71 lb in solid cast iron. Comes with 4 rubber feet for avoiding any marks on the floor.