JERN 514

The new JERN 514 is a high-performance passive woofer with a bespoke very fast long-stroke 5.5″ SEAS driver.

The JERN 514 is a 3 way loudspeaker with a unique shape, that gives you a better sound quality in small room.
It consists of these parts, the 514 woofer, an inclined stand, a rubber ring, a cloth cover for the rubber ring and a JERN 14.

The 514 woofer uses a new bespoke SEAS long-stroke woofer. It can play 7 dB louder in the bass, than the driver in the JERN 14.
The 514 works in many ways like a normal passive 3-way loudspeaker.
You simply connect a cable from the 514 woofers to the JERN 14 loudspeakers terminals and you now have a 514 3 way loudspeaker, that plays much better in the bass.
The 514 frequency response goes down to 50 Hz -6 dB and even lower in a normal room due to room gain. I get 40 Hz in my room.
This bespoke SEAS woofer has an excellent midrange performance. It has a special metal cone, with the break-up resonance moved up to 8 kHz! This is higher than most expensive ceramic or new material cone woofers. An 8 kHz notch filter is used to reduce the level at the break-up resonance. All stiff cones have a break-up resonance. A higher frequency greatly reduces the problems caused by the break-up resonance, because the crossover easier can reduce the sound of the break-up. 
Due to the 8 kHz, we can use a 6dB per octave low pass filter at 150 Hz for this excellent woofer. That makes the 514 woofer into a very fast woofer. Perhaps the fastest woofer ever made.
The 514 woofers can be placed on the floor. But the 514 woofers can also be used without the inclined stand section.
The 514 woofers can also be mounted on the wall, or they can be placed on furniture together with the JERN 14.
The 514 woofer also has mounting holes for the VESA 75 mm wall brackets or the swinging arms, which is available for TVs and PC flat screens.

So the new 514 woofer is very flexible in installation.
Due to the low 150 Hz crossover, the 514 woofer does not need to be very close to the JERN 14. At 150 Hz, the sound wavelength is more than 2 meters. 
The 514 includes an inclined stand for the JERN 14. It can be bolted to the 514 woofer section placed on the floor and it can carry the JERN 14 above like a normal stand. However, this special stand allows you to tilt and turn the JERN 14 very easily. So that you get the best sound in your preferred listening position.
And the JERN 14 is secured to the stand with an M6 bolt. So the JERN 14 cannot fall off the stand! And the tilting and turning of the JERN 14 can be done without loosening the M6 bolt!
The 514 stand uses a visible cloth covered rubber ring. This black cloth matches the black cloth covers used on the JERN 14.

The total height of the 514 is about 80 cm. 

The 514 has 5 pcs height-adjustable rubber feet, with felt material towards the floor. So an uneven floor is no problem.The 5 feet makes the 514 loudspeakers very stable on all floors. Just like a 5 wheel office chair.
The felt makes it easy to slide the 514 loudspeakers around on a smooth floor surface.
The 514 is available in 3 versions
514:   4 Ohm, 88dB for 2,83V at 1 meter, 50 Hz to 20 kHz -6dB, In-room the response can go down to 40 Hz.
514 ES using the JERN 14 ES: 4 Ohm, 88dB for 2,83V at 1 meter, 50 Hz to 20 kHz -6dB, In-room the response can go down to 40 Hz.
514 EH using the JERN 14 EH: 4 Ohm, 88dB for 2,83V at 1 meter, 50 Hz to 25 kHz -6dB, In-room the response can go down to 40 Hz.


Frequency range: 

50 Hz – 20.000 Hz


88 db @ 2,83V

Amplifier requirements: 


4 ohm




Ø32 x – 80 cm high

Weight (net): 

24 kg


Nordic Black, Polar White, Casting Grey, and Fine Red