The new JERN B514 is a high-performance passive woofer with a bespoke very fast long-stroke 5.5″ SEAS driver.

The internal crossover matches the JERN 14 bass roll-off below 150 Hz, and together the JERN B514 and the JERN 14 make a very high sound quality 3-way loudspeaker. Any pair of the existing JERN 14DST, JERN 14DS, JERN 14 ES and JERN 14 EH can now be expanded to a pair of 3 way loudspeakers, just by adding a pair of JERN B514. Simply connect the terminals of the JERN B514 to the terminals of the JERN 14 and the system plays. See photos here…
The bass sound quality is far better than normal subwoofers. The crossover integration is seamless, and no adjustment is needed of frequency and level.
The B514 goes down to 50 Hz -6 dB, and the normal room gain in the deep bass extends the response below 40 Hz.
The unique woofer is faster than very expensive woofer drivers, with a frequency response up to 8 kHz and a 6 dB per octave lowpass filter with a -3 dB point at 150 Hz.
The long-stroke SEAS driver is similar to the driver used in the JERN 15.
The B514 can be placed on the floor near the JERN 14, or it can hang on the wall. A VESA 75×75 mm bracket or extender or swing arm can also be used to hold the JERN B514 and locate it where you want.
When the B514 is placed on the floor, the optional stand tube can be fitted, and it can hold the JERN 14 secure in the air above the B514.
So the B514 here works as a stable base for a stand, that holds the JERN 14.
Using the optional rubber ring and an M6 Bolt included, the JERN 14 is secured and cannot fall off the stand. However, the M6 bolt still allows tilting and turning the JERN 14, just by lifting the JERN 14 a few millimetres. 
Together the JERN B514 woofer, the stand tube, the rubber ring and the JERN 14 forms a very compact 3-way High-End loudspeaker system.


Frequency range: 


Amplifier requirements: 





Ø32 X 10 CM

Weight (net): 

8,5 kg


Nordic Black, Polar White, Casting Grey, and Danish Red