JERN14EH – The JERN 14 EH is the new revolutionary compact speaker from JERN®. It is elegant and small, but it delivers High-End audio quality. The keys to its performance are its shape, components, and choice of materials. The JERN 14 EH was developed to work with high-quality subwoofers. Therefore it is -6dB at 90 Hz. Our JERN 11, 12, and 15 can be used without a subwoofer. Due to less bass demanded from the woofer, the JERN 14 EH can play louder with less distortion than the JERN 12. Due to the 8 Ohm impedance, the JERN 14 EH is a very easy load for your amplifier. The JERN 14 EH is the improved version of the JERN 14 ES. The tweeter is specially made for JERN by Hiquphon. It has a longer linear excursion and 5 layers of damping liquid handpainted on the dome. Two of the layers include metal dust, which gives the dome the special golden colour. The crossover capacitor is the superb sounding Mundorf EVO Silver/Gold/Oil capacitor. JERN® is not a mass producer of loudspeakers. Each speaker remains essentially hand-built by people with decades of experience at their fingertips.


Frequency range: 

90-25,000 Hz


87dB @ 2.83 V

Amplifier requirements: 

25 – 150W / 8 Ohm


8 ohm




210 x 300 x 180mm

Weight (net): 

15 kg


Nordic Black, Polar White, Casting Grey, and Fine Red