A new compact on-wall loudspeaker from JERN cast in Iron.

JERN w9000 is a new compact on-wall loudspeaker from JERN cast in Iron. It has a complete round shape for a discreet design. It fits in everywhere – either as an on-wall installation or mounted in the ceiling.

A bracket for on-wall installation is included. A strong screw and wall is needed.

The speaker comes with either white or black cloth, which covers front of the cabinet. There is also an instruction for how to customize your own cloth in every fabric to either suits in with the existing interior, or gives the possibility to play with colors in every way you like. A perfect solution for yourself, or your favorite installer.
Cloth colours currently available are white and black.The cast cabinet is available in Nordic Black, Polar White, Casting Grey and Fine Red.

The tweeter is a 22 mm diameter, this gives wider dispersion of high frequencies off axis than 25 mm.

It has a special developed 5 1/4 ” woofer, that makes good bass in a 5 liter closed cabinet.
The bass is -6dB at 60 Hz, and when placed on a wall in a normal room, it will give bass down to 40 Hz .
This happens because the room gain increase the deep bass, and the w9000 is a closed cabinet, which only reduce the deep bass by 12 db per octave.
Bass reflex cabinets reduce bass by 24 dB per octave, so they benefit less well from room gain.

Design details


Drive units




Frequency range: 

40 Hz to 27.000 Hz


Drive Units 2 way 4 Ohm 86 dB at 2,83V

Amplifier requirements: 

15 – 150W / 4 Ohm Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 86 dB Impedance 4Ω


4 Ohm


Closed sealed cabinet


Ø320 x 100mm

Weight (net): 


Black, White, Grey, Red