The JERN 35 is the new revolutionary 2-way loudspeaker from JERN®. It is elegant, heavy and strong, and it delivers reference High-End audio quality. The keys to its performance are its shape, components, and choice of materials. The JERN 35 is -6dB at 45 Hz and 26.000 Hz. 88 dB at 2,83 V 4 Ohm. The Purifi very long stroke woofer is a special version, developed by Purifi for JERN ApS. It has very low distortion, even when playing music loudly. The woofer and the closed cabinet are optimized for small rooms, and correctly placed it will perform well down to 30 Hz. The tweeter is specially modified by JERN from the latest Scanspeak top model. It has a long linear excursion and a larger cone area in an elliptical shape. This reduces distortion at higher sound pressure levels. The crossover capacitor is the superb sounding Mundorf EVO Silver/Gold/Oil capacitor. The crossover coil is a very low resistance CFC flat coil made by Mundorf. 0,18 Ohm and 1,6 mH.


Frequency range: 

45-26,000 Hz


88 dB @ 2,83V

Amplifier requirements: 

25 – 250W / 4 Ohm


4 Ohm




280 x 400 x 280 mm

Weight (net): 

35 Kg


Casting grey