The JERN®14 is the new revolutionary compact speaker from JERN®. It is elegant and small, but it delivers High End audio quality. The keys to its performance are its shape, components and choice of materials.

The JERN®14 was developed to work with high quality subwoofers.

Therefore it is -6dB at 90 Hz. Our JERN®12 can be used without a subwoofer.

Due to less bass demanded from the woofer, the JERN®14 can play louder with less distortion than the JERN®12.

JERN® is not a mass producer of loudspeakers. Each speaker remains essentially hand-built by people with decades of experience at their fingertips.


Design details


Two way. Phase linear wide dispersion design.

Drive units

Scan-Speak woofer 5 1/4 inch 149 mm cast frame. Very smooth frequency response +- 2dB op to 9 kHz. Excellent Midrange Performance · Low Damping SBR Rubber Surround · Coated NRSC Fibre Glass Cone · Die cast Aluminium chassis vented below spider. Scan-Speak small 20 mm textile dome tweeter with a long excursion of +-0,7 mm, good for 6 dB / Octave phase linear filters. Sheep wool damping of the tweeter.


The phase linear 6dB/octave custom-made crossover uses a Mundorf polypropylene capacitor and an air core coil. It delivers a fine 3D soundstage.


These JERN®14 loudspeakers need to work with high quality subwoofers.


Frequency range: 

90 – 20,000Hz


88 dB @ 2.83V

Amplifier requirements: 

25 – 150W / 8 Ohm


8 ohm




Weight (net): 

12.54 kg


Black, Grey, Red, White