Foundation 500

A fantastic active subwoofer in a very rigid full cast vibrakill cabinet. No vibrations to the surroundings – just pure sound… Not released yet

It has 2 pcs 8″ woofer opposite each other, so forces are cancelled. The Foundation 500 cabinet is the only item standing still, while the room and the furniture vibrate.

It has a 500W Pascal power amplifier.

The stereo balanced 5 pin XLR inputs are summed to mono inside. So a stereo preamp or a Home Theatre processor with 11.2 output can be connected to one Foundation 500.

Many Foundation 500 can share the input signal.

Therefore, you can use 2 or 6 pcs Foundation 500 together placed around the room to get better sound in a room.

Special balanced terminating cables made to order allow you to connect a single Foundation 500 to the high level output loudspeaker terminals of power amplifiers.

Even to two balanced monoblock power amplifiers driving the main speakers. The 2 special cables are anti-vibration Teflon insulated silver-coated copper wires with a braided screen.


Frequency range: 


Amplifier requirements: 





Ø31 x 23 cm

Weight (net): 

25 kg


Nordic Black, Polar White, Casting Grey, and Fine Red