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Diapason N°675 - JERN12 WS Speaker test

South Korean Review JERN14 DS

HiFiStatement - JERN14 ES Speaker test

From the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last year, we found this comment on Audio Bacon: “Ole Lund Christiansen is the…










Slået op af JERNOnsdag den 19. september 2018

Eindrücke aus den Norddeutschen HiFi-Tagen… Danke dafür – Wir sind genau Ihrer Meinung.










Opslået af JERN på 6. februar 2018

From Rocky Mountains Audio Fest:
Legendary US importer Victor Goldstein was also at this year’s RMAF and spoke quite excitedly about the new brand of loudspeakers in the JERN monitors from Denmark.

Opslået af JERN på 17. november 2017

Clement Perry – Stereo Times from the RMAF 2017. Reaction to the recommendations from Victor Goldstein:
“Of course,…










Opslået af JERN på 17. november 2017

From Positive-Feedback, who heard our speakers at our exhibition in Colorado – the RMAF 2017:
Jern ApS 14 DS cast iron…










Opslået af JERN på 9. november 2017

Review from HiFi and Music Source:

Enjoy this fantastic review ! Spot-on, open-minded and honest.










Opslået af JERN på 31. oktober 2017

Paul Messenger wrote about JERN14 DS in HIFICRITIC: ”…  possibly the very best imaging I’ve ever encountered.”



Paul Messenger wrote about JERN14 DS in Stereophile April 2017:


“…the sound quality can rival speakers costing many times more its price.”

Link for review: 6-Stars at L&B Magazine – Special Recommended. In Swedish

With pride we can announce that JERN14 reached maximum score in the recognized HiFi journal Lyd & Billed, and with the predicate “Specially Recommended”.










Jern 14 DS

Opslået af JERN på 18. marts 2017

 Link: An article over the mother company Dansk Skalform where JERN is cast. In Danish

Link for review: 6-Stars at L&B Magazine – Special Recommended. In Norwegian

The danish national television channel TV2 has paid us a visit. Enjoy this video with Søren Dissing and Ole Lund…










Opslået af JERN på 22. november 2016

Even the Grand Pianos from either Steinway, Bösendorfer or Bechstein has its frames made in cast iron, and for the same…










Opslået af JERN på 30. november 2016